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Monday, 8 February 2010

Some Media Students

Hi Tim,

fantastic! Sorry for the late reply  I've been very distracted with the (quiet) launch of the new site - and dealin with feedback - questions about the service... seems to be well received but there are still some niggles...

yours< Phil.

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Phil hope you are well, things here are busy and getting into new semester. I have a student project this year that is basically a Media Project cantering around the creating a viral campaign for anyone in the creative industries. Basically the groups find someone in the arts (music bands feature pretty heavily) and create or improve their use of social media (they do interviews, create animations, record performances audio/video) and basically use as much social media that they can to drive traffic to whoever their client is.

Some of the groups this year want to find and artist etc. and do this for them, not sure how this will pan out in reality may only be one or two groups. Mentioned you as a person who may be able to identify possible artist etc who would be in need of this, just warning in case you get an approach by some student

Thanks Tim Conner (give me a call if you wish to discuss 263926

Creative Cultures Scotland is a registered charity #SC037834

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