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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

BA2 Desktop Publishing Module Thursday 27th Nov

Sorry everyone I am going to have to cancel the lab this morning, one of the kids is ill and cant go anywhere. If you wish to join another lab at some point next week (i.e. I have about 12 hours teaching in 123) please feel free to come in if there are free computers at any time and I will try and help out. In the meantime, just get on with the CW as much as you can. Cheers Tim

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Key Notes

Chris just checking now
2 reports one called Consumer Magazines 2009
and Lifestyle Magazines I just used the search box on the Keynote site
Cheers Tim

-----Original Message-----
From: Hi, I'm trying to use Key Notes to find information for the coursework
but I can't remember which report you said to look for in the lecture
yesterday. Any ideas? Thanks

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Monday, 23 November 2009

Hard copy of the coursework for BA2 DTP

BS2144 Desktop Publishing

The assessment is in the form of a practical piece of coursework, accompanying video commentary.

1. PRACTICAL ELEMENT 75% of overall grade

Your role is as a Publications Manager for a publications and design company. You have the task of choosing and approaching a local business or organisation, and designing their promotional material.

The paper based materials must include a minimum of  5 individual pieces of paper based promotional material

This brief is extremely flexible for a number of reasons
1. to encourage creativity
2. provide an insight into the design/creative process
3. to give you a greater understanding of the stages of print production
4. to fulfil the needs of the client and take the project to the completion stage

Extent, page size and finishing
There are no upper limits on the extent of the material; it is up to you as a publications manager to establish the quantity of paper based material required.  The printers in the labs should not limit the size of the materials, this means that you should not stick to A4 as a standard, creativity will be rewarded and encouraged. The promotional material does not need to be bound, although mock ups would be a way of explaining your concept and design solution.

Submission will be on an online service.

2. Video presentation 25% 3 minutes in length

The video will be a based on the creative process, planning and delivering to client requirements
Useful sections would include:

  • target audience
  • where and how the material will be used
  • readability and usability
  • typeface choice/s
  • use of colour
  • images, graphics and text


Practical element 70% - of final mark, subdivided as follows:
                Design solution                                         60%
                Meeting the clients needs                               30%
                Spelling and grammar                            10%

Written report 30% - of final mark, subdivided as follows:
                Content - the creative process                  80%
                Clarity of communication                                20%    

Total                                                                   100%

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A query about incorporateing layouts for the DTP for JOUranlsim BA3 CW

Chris use actual layouts i.e. scan or actual magazine pages to
illustrate the arguments that you are making Attached is an example
Cheers Tim

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